• Did you know that 1 in 3* of us in the U.S. is caring for an aging or disabled loved one?

    Caregiver Crossing is a radio program designed for all of us who are caring for a loved one or who one day will be.  Whether that care is provided for an aging parent, a child born with a lifelong disability or a friend undergoing treatment for cancer – we are all caregivers.

    Each week our co-hosts, Tina McIntosh and Terri Stacy, are joined by guest experts to discuss the many aspects of caregiving, while also exploring how our relationships evolve and how we navigate the range of options and emotions that come with this care.

    If you are a caregiver, join us on Caregiver Crossing. We invite you to spend some time here on this site and email us with questions and suggestions for future segments We also want to hear about your personal experiences.  Caregivers always hear the words “you’re not alone.”  We want you to know that this is true.  We’re in this together.  And together we can make a difference with some honesty, compassion and simple good humor. We’re glad you’re here!

    Where can I hear Caregiver Crossing?
    Caregiver Crossing can be heard on air on 93.1 WIBC Saturday mornings from 7-8 am.  Missed the show live?  Podcasts can be heard by clicking here.

    *The National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP (2009), Caregiving in the U.S. National Alliance for Caregiving. Washington, D.C.

    One Response to Did you know that 1 in 3* of us in the U.S. is caring for an aging or disabled loved one?

    1. tammy
      (Apr. 9, 2015) at 3:50 pm

      I have an 82 year old mother who lives with me and my family, her health is failing and I am getting nervous about leaving her at home while I work, I was wondering if you had any suggestions that might help my situation.

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